Friday, 26 September 2008

Anagnorisis - back to basics

'History of Theater 2 - Development of Greek Tragedy'
Posted on YouTube by beta0net on May 21, 2008 (link HERE)

There are three good reasons why I wanted to post this great little video: one, it's got mighty quiet on this blog (been busy here, there, and elsewhere), but it will get more worthwhile visiting here again, especially as I am currently inspired to write about a couple of films I've been thinking about in the context of 'recognition' and 'insight', namely The Sweet Hereafter and Mulholland Dr. (the latter partly thanks to a comment posted by Nicholas Galvin); two, this blog clearly gets hits from people seeking basic, but good information about 'anagnorisis' and its origins in Greek tragic drama; and three, I'm just about to go and see a new production of Sophocles' Oedipus, in a new version by Frank McGuinness at the National Theatre, London., starring Ralph Fiennes (also see HERE). So, see you soon/Qa ta poume.

[For more discussion of this subject see the class notes on 'Classical Drama and Theatre' by Mark Damen of Utah State University (link HERE).]

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